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About millet puff

Some people may hear the millet puff for the first time, but it exists everywhere in our life and eats it in various ways without knowing it.

It is often used for sweets for a long time, and "Puffed rice" is famous for puffs using rice.
Puffed rice is a confectionery inflating the air inside the rice particles by evaporating the moisture inside the rice at a stroke by removing pressure at a stroke after heating and pressurizing the rice.

Recently, we can buy it in a supermarket with a bag, while decades ago a circulating merchant came and could get a fresh hot Puffed rice.
Millet puff made from Corn is Popcorn.
Busy people who want to sleep rather than having breakfast can easily take breakfast with cereal puffs.

While not knowing you are eating, there is also Crunch chocolate which consolidates millet puff with chocolate and changes the texture of chocolate.

How to make millet puff!

The word "puff" of millet puff has a meaning of swelling.
Puffing is a technique that inflates particles by creating a lot of small spaces inside the particles and reduces the weight while maintaining some strength.
Puffed with millet as raw material is a product called millet puff.

In order to make millet puffs, we use a special machine called cereal expansion machine to carry out the principle of making puffed rice.

The cereal expansion machine is mainly composed of a rotary pressure cooker, there are two opinions that it was developed in the United States and the opinion that it was developed in Germany.

In Japan, it was used and spread to process millets distributed during the era of food shortages during the World War II.

Any millet can be made into millet puff as long as it contains a small amount of moisture as the main ingredient of starch quality.

Not only rice and brown rice, but also wheat, corn, chestnut, millet, millet, barnyard and beans etc. are also used as raw materials for millet puffs.

Benefits of millet puffs?

Millet is seed of cereals, it is a material like aggregate of nutrients necessary to germinate by containing moisture and form a plant body.

It is a comprehensive nutritious food that mainly contains starch which is an absolutely necessary carbon source to grow and contains many kinds of trace ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Millet puff is a food processed by leaving nutrients contained in millets intact, so it is a convenient ingredient for those who tend to fall short of nutrition.

Even if you cook as it is, the millet which remains poor hardness and eating texture will soften by making it into millet puffs, so digestion and absorption will also improve on easy to eat.

Millet puff has many small gaps and good water absorption.
Immersed in milk or soy milk, it softens quickly and has the convenience of using it as breakfast when you can not have the time.
Moreover, it can also be used as an emergency food or preserved food convenient to carry by solidifying starch syrup or the like.

As a food material to replenish nutrients that tend to be deficient in daily life, millet puffs are widely used foods by changing to various shapes according to the life of the people using it.



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