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President: Naokazu Tamiya

 Our Company was founded in Kameoka of the Hozugawa valley continuing to Kyoto Arashiyama.
 At that time we were using raw materials raised in beautiful mountains of water to produce brown rice for brown rice tea and barley for barley tea to drink with tea pot and tea leaves for barley tea boiled with yakan .
 Eventually, with the spread of convenience stores, tea drinking not only accompanied by lunch boxes but also meals for household has changed to an era where PET bottles are supplied, and our raw materials providing destination have also changed from each home to manufacturer.
 Today, 200 kinds of roasted brown rice for brown rice tea and more than 100 kinds of barley tea are build-to-order produce, and we are providing raw tea all over the world.
 In recent years, we have expanded our business from the beverage business to the food business, and the Kyoto Grain System Corporation is said to be recognized as "the innovative product proposal company by developing the processing technology of the food material with the highest application capability" and have earned the trust as the best supplier from customers beyond industry.
 To continue and expand our trust as our best supplier, we are providing and developing innovative processing technologies for industries, regions and countries with high growth potential.
 By acquiring the international Food Safety Standard FSSC 22000 certification, we are able to support customers' innovative product development around the world.
 Doing so, I am convinced that we continue the superiority to competitors over the long term and will lead to the added value creation of the Kyoto grain system.
 In order to make proposals to get customers interested, the ability of each and every employee who creates technological innovations to meet the needs of diversifying customers is essential.
 Our employees learn naturally the motivation to make every effort and the ability to build Only-one-technology naturally through the company culture to challenge without fear of failure, and we are enhancing the added value of the Kyoto Grain System Corporation.
 Each employee constantly changes while exploring new possibilities, and the company has prepared a corporate structure that accepts the change.
 Providing the world of processing technology for food materials developed by Kyoto Grain System Corporation and growing while working together,we provide healthy food, delicious and smile for maintain health to Kyoto Grain System Corporation in to the world. we hope to evolve into a company that can provide happiness food to everyone's table.

Kyoto Grain System Corporation
President  Naokazu Tamiya


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