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Features of puffs

Features and benefits of puffs

"Puff" may not be familiar to the general public if it is called "puff", but it may be easier to understand who is called Pon candy made from white rice.
Puff is a work made mainly of cereals and seeds produced by a mechanism called swelling using a machine called cereal expansion machine.
The main ingredient of the puff is food called cereals and seeds, and swelling is meant processing technology that softens hard foods which are difficult to eat as it is raw.
Puffs that have a specific texture and water absorbency that are manufactured with that technology, as well as puffs that process foods that can be easily and easily eaten foods that are cumbersome to cook and have few opportunities to eat, It is processing technology and processed goods which can be expected to be used in the industry.

Puff is a form for using cereals and seeds as food ingredients
Puff is described as "puff" in English, meaning "swollen and swollen".
In the expansion process, it is possible to replace a small amount of moisture present inside foodstuffs with air by heating up while suppressing vaporization of moisture contained in foodstuff by high pressure and releasing pressure all at once.
As a result, innumerable small cavities are formed, the ingredients are packed tightly and the rigid ingredients are swelling and change to a soft texture of "crunchy".
Since cereals and seeds are kept low in moisture content to suppress germination, they have the feature that they are hard even if they are eaten.
Cereals and seeds are usually heated in the presence of a large amount of water, that is, they can be eaten with soft texture by boiling, and the moisture contained inside is gradually increased by direct heating called roasting processing the finishing method which is vaporized and finally burned can give a fragrant flavor to the extract.
Puff obtained by swelling process is a processing method that can give a texture that can not be obtained by conventional processing methods and is one of the forms for using cereals and seeds as food materials.


What is a cereal expansion machine for producing puff?
Machine used to manufacture puffs is called cereal expansion machine, it is a machine which can heat the pressure pot at high pressure while turning the pressure cooker and release the internal pressure at once.
In machining with a normal pressure cooker, since a large amount of water is being charged inside, it is possible to apply convective heat by heating to uniformly apply heat to food materials, but because water is not added in the expansion process, water is added to the ingredients inside the pressure cooker In order to achieve uniform heating, the pressure pot itself is rotated and heated while mixing.
When you open the lid by tapping the valve of the pressure cooker with the hammer, the moisture contained in the food material evaporates all at once and expands with severe explosive sound, so the food processed rice with cereal expanding machine is called "Pon! candy" or It came to be called "Don! confectionery".
Although there are various opinions about the history of cereal expanding machines, it is said that it was developed as a countermeasure against wartime after war and postwar in the early 1900 's.
In Japan it is said that it was used to eat cereals such as chestnuts distributed during the Second World War.


●Benefits of processing into puffs
As you can see from the fact that it was useful during wartime,
  • Eat easily grilled nutritious grains and seeds that can not be eaten raw
  • Good storage
  • Easy to carry because it is lightweight
That is a big point of puff.
However, convenience when using puffs as food additives to various processed foods is also a major feature as seen in currently marketed Pon candy, cereals, or crunch chocolate containing puffs Has become.

As examples,
  • You can eat it by eating powder sugar on the surface, you can also eat directly by tangling sugar nectar or chocolate.
  • Put the sugar nectar and chocolate tangled puffs together to make a bite size sweets.
  • Or add it to chocolate or crunch chocolate that gives a texture that is not found in the original chocolate.
And so on.

In addition, it can be used as breakfast when there is no time by immersing in a porous puff in milk or soy milk, and it is also possible to add fragrant flavor and nutrients as a sprinkling material.

As described above, it is possible to put millet into life in various forms as a means to easily replenish nutrients contained in grains and seeds and bodies. Considering the boom of millet rice as a diet food that supplements shortage of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals contained in millets, there are not many interesting puffs that can easily incorporate millet into their lives Is not it?


Grains and seeds used for puffs
Pon confectionery that used puff made from rice, popcorn is puff made from maize.
Any kind of food can be puffed as long as it is grain or seeds containing a large amount of starch.
Not only rice, corn, as well as wheat and barley, miscellaneous cereals such as Kibi millet, Awa millet, Hie millet and the like which are not usually eaten regularly, beans presented by soybeans, chestnuts, ginkgo, buckwheat etc., all kinds of cereals and seeds can be raw materials for puffs.
In addition, recently, there is movement to use superfood such as Quinoa introduced also on television as a puff, and it seems that you can also puff non-starchy dried small sardine and kelp etc.