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Categories Products and Processing
Rice Roasted Rice Steam drying
(Pregelatinized) Rice
Domestic Rice / Thai Rice
Pregelatinized germinated brown rice (roasting) Domestic Rice
Barley Barley Tea Roasted Malt Canadian Barley / Domestic Barley
Cereals Adlay Tea Corn Tea Herb Tea
Senna Tea
Soybean Tea
Soybean Flour Roasted Beans
Millet Millet Puff Barnyard millet, Setaria italica, Panicum miliaceum, Amaranthus, Quinua etc.
Tea Roasted Tea Leaf, Stem, powder
Fine Powder Various Cereals Various Leaves Various others
Contract processing Steamed drying and roasting processing of cereals
Puff processing / heat treatment (sterilization) of cereals
Roasting processing (various leaves, grains, others)
Fine powder processing (various cereals, leaves, others)
Germination processing (brown rice)
Blending / Filling processing
Import Various Oolong Tea Jasmine Tea Pu'er Tea Including tea bag
Chinese Barley Tea (Tea bag) Roasted Tea

The product, processing, and manufacturing process above are only examples, so please contact us if you have any requests.


Our Quality Policy

  • In order to manufacture safe and safe products, we will conduct various quality control and hygiene management according to product characteristics and needs.
  • We will strive to be able to use it as the immediate use for each user while responding to various needs as raw materials for food and beverage and raw materials for tea bag (as part of final products).
  • As a leading manufacturer of the various products mentioned above, we will offer you products that cost merit to each user.
  • We will create unlimited possibilities for agricultural products in cooperation with our customers.


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