Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


Health and Impressions into your Eating Habits.

Health is to deliver products that are trusted with raw materials that can be relieved in a safe and secure manufacturing process to our customers.

Impressions are to pursue and materialize added value such as taste, novelty, rarity, usefulness, etc. in products.

In addition, in each of these, we provide activities that exceed customer expectations, as well as joy and happiness.

In such actions, all employees aim to share the joy and happiness with our customers.

There is no border on a wish for health.


Our Quality Policy
  • We will place priority on providing safe and secure food.
    We manage materials, process, quality, delivery date, inventory and work day by day to disclose information to customers.
  • We explore new possibilities of agricultural products.
    While inheriting the conventional concepts, we will seek for a willingness to always challenge and new effective utilization of agricultural products without sticking.
  • Let's raise the spirit of "Mottainai".
    We continue to improve manufacturing yield, defect processing, waste of process, labor savings.
  • Let's raise the heart of consideration.
    We respect each other's consideration, way of thinking and position so that we can live with full of life and work.


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