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Kinako (Soybean powder)

Kinako is roasted soybeans and powdered, so that contains all the nutrients contained in soybeans.
Soybeans can be eaten as it is by roasting, but it is common to eat raw soybeans as boiled-beans after soaking them in water or lukewarm water.
Soybeans are too hard to eat raw, the texture of the epidermis is not good.
Japanese food has been devised variously to eat deliciously with processed foods such as "Tofu", "Fried Tofu", or "Kouya Tofu" as well as boiled beans.
Natto fermenting boiled beans with bacillus-natto is also a typical way to eat soybeans, and technology to make seasonings such as "Miso" and "Soy-sauce" has also been developed using boiled beans as a raw material.

As mentioned above, soybeans have long been used as a nutritious food ingredient that closely adheres to the lives of the Japanese people.
On the other hand, powder of ground roasted soybeans is a method to effectively utilize soybeans as it contains no moisture.

What's the purpose of Kinako?

Boiled soybeans contain about 60% of moisture, and in Tofu, the moisture content exceeds 80%.
On that point, the moisture content of the kinako powder is about 5%, and it is one of the methods to efficiently ingest soybeans in large quantities.
Although there may be few opportunities to eat Kinako, there are cases to use for Japanese confectionery such as "Abekawa-mochi" and "Ohagi", entangled with rice cakes and nink twisting to mix with starch syrup.

Recently, in order to incorporate the nutritional value of soybean into our lives, there seems to be a way to use it as a double soybean to be ingested in milk or added to soymilk.
In addition, by using it as a topping of yoghurt, how to eat such as reinforcing nutrients of soybean is promoted.

What's the recommended nutrient of Kinako?

The advantage of Kinako powder is that its surface area is increased by powdering, its digestion and absorption properties are improved, and nutrients contained in soybeans can be efficiently incorporated into the body.

Soybeans are rich in vegetable protein of good quality so called "meat of the field", and foods containing many kinds and minor amounts of minerals necessary for metabolism.
It is also possible to use Kinako as a protein ingested by athletes, which is recommended for those who go to sports gyms and the like for muscle strengthening purposes.

Also, because dietary fiber is abundant, it is also effective for women suffering from constipation.
As an active ingredient peculiar to soybean, isoflavone, which has the same function as female hormone estrogen, is effective in improving menopausal disorder.
Also, there is data that isoflavone is effective for the treatment of osteoporosis, and there are also foods for specified health use that are indicated as "useful for maintaining bone health".

Furthermore, the strong antioxidant activity possessed by soybean saponin is expected to suppress lipid peroxidation by active oxygen and to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, soy lecithin can also be used as a substance used for information transmission of brain cells It will be used.



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