What's Genmaicha

What's Genmaicha

Genmaicha is a tea that added roasted brown rice to Bancha which can be made by heating the grown tea leaves after picking young leaves used for Sencha.

Recently, there is Genmaicha that uses Sencha or even Matcha, but originally it is a tea that enjoys the aroma and taste of roasted brown rice rather than tea that enjoys tea leaves.
Since Genmaicha does not extract too much astringent from tea leaves even if put in high temperature, it is a tea that draws out the fragrance and sweetness of brown rice sufficiently with boiling water.

Genmaicha is not only a beverage as a luxury item that enjoys the scent and taste, but also tea that you can expect health benefits as well as green tea and oolong tea, why not to drink it when you have a meal.

Healthy ingredients of Genmaicha

Green tea and Sencha contain polyphenols called tea catechin contained in tea leaves, and are famous as tea that can be expected for metabolic syndrome control and anti-aging effect.

However, Genmaicha can expect an effect not found in green tea.
When Bancha is used, health benefits as tea will decrease, but health ingredients such as vitamin B group derived from brown rice, vitamin E, minerals and dietary fiber etc are added.
You can also take γ-oryzanol and vitamin E which are talked about in rice oil.
Genmaicha which added Sencha and Matcha will be a beverage that can expect health benefits derived from green tea.

Health effects of Genmaicha

Genmaicha contains ingredients that can prevent lifestyle diseases and prevent aging, as can be seen from the fact that health-oriented brown rice diet has become a hot topic.

Vitamin B group and iron are nutritional ingredients that can expect the effect of activating metabolism, it is a perfect ingredient to heal the tiredness of the day.
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with strong antioxidant activity, and anticaging effect can be expected.

In addition, brown rice contains GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid), which is effective in preventing hyperlipidemia.
And oranzanol, which is unique to brown rice, can also be expected to improve blood circulation in addition to hyperlipidemia prevention effect.
Dietary fiber is also expected to improve constipation constitution.

Delicious way to put brown rice tea

In Genmaicha using Bancha, since the astringent originating from tea leaves has become less, it is possible to provide tea that can be drunk from children to elderly people with little astringency and bitterness even if they are boiled with hot water .
Put tea leaves in teapot, pour boiling water and extract for about 30 seconds, then take out all genmaicha that has been extracted.
By using hot water, the aroma of roasted brown rice will become more prominent.
If you enjoy it coldly chilled, the scent will decrease, but the umami derived from brown rice will not decrease so you can get it delicious.



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