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Core business and initiatives of Kyoto Grain Systems Co., Ltd.

Naokazu Tamiya founder of Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd. joined Nakai Genmai Chaya Co., Ltd. in 1970, started producing barley tea and brown rice tea, since then, in 1993 independented and changed company name to Kyoto Grain System Co., Ltd. to supply products to the bottled beverage industry.

Up to now we have produced 200 kinds of roasted rice of brown rice tea, more than 100 kinds of barley tea, we are providing raw tea all over the world.

In recent years, we have expanded our business from the beverage business to the food business, strived to research and develop the technologies we have cultivated, and to incorporate and develop new technologies, and so we are recognized as a company of food processing from various industries.

Nowadays, we are working on 11 core business aiming for customer satisfaction based on the basic philosophy of "Health and excitement to eating habits".

1. Alpha-Modified (Pregelatinized) Starch

As a substitute for the hot-water recipe method for alpha-converting (gelatinaized) a part of the starch used for giving a feeling of good feeling and a plump feeling to bread and sweets, however it is possible to produce viscosity only by adding water.

The need for starch powder that has been converted to alpha is widely spread.

Premixes such as bread and hot cake, butter liquor for frying, etc. by using alpha-converted starch with stable properties, it is possible to cook like a professional at home, and it is possible to reduce the number of processes even for professional use .


2. Roast processing

The heat treatment called roasting is a method of heating and drying raw materials without using heat medium such as oil or water, and the roasting process evaporates moisture contained in foodstuff and imparts flavor including fragrant taste, and the properties of carbohydrates such as protein and starch change, and the taste and flavor of food changes.

According to customer's purpose or application, hot air system, hot air drum system, drum system, charcoal burning direct fire system, etc. are selected, enabling a wide range of propositions.


3. Processing into puffs

Puff is a heat treatment method called expansion treatment, which is a processing method in which a small amount of moisture present inside is replaced with air at a stroke by releasing the pressure all at once by heating the raw material under high pressure.

The expansion creates innumerable small cavities inside, the ingredients are packed tightly and the hard ingredients are swollen, changing to a soft texture of "crunchy".

In general, popcorn and pon candy can be imagined, but by controlling the pressure and heat according to hot air expansion method, it is possible to process a wide variety of materials according to purpose of use.


4. Powder Pulverizing processing

Powder pulverizing is a processing method called "pulverize and powder" as it is written in letters, and it is one of the machining methods with many opportunities to see in various industries.

It seems like simple things, but in pulverization, depending on the force applied to the raw material, how to apply the force, and the time during which the force is applied, the powder finished or the size of the particles will be controlled .

By adopting various pulverizing methods, we can make proposisions according to customer's needs.


5. Allergen material contracted business

Processing of raw materials including allergens such as wheat and soybean must be done separately from ordinary raw material processing from the arrival of raw materials to shipment.

Therefore, in searching for a place to accept consignment, it is common to be limited to factories that have lines and factories that handle similar raw materials.

Currently, we mainly deal with soybean processing, we are doing a series of roasting, pulverizing and packaging, but it is also possible to manufacture with small line secured line and isolated line from normal raw material.


6. Packaging business

We propose business packaging specialized mainly for bulk packing up to 1 kg.


7. Cutting out of crude medicine raw materials

We propose cutting processing of crude medicine raw materials.


8. Sterilization processing business

We are carrying out sterilization processing by steam and hot air.


9. Adjusting and selecting raw materials.

We propose processing for adjusting and selecting raw materials.


10. Processing business in bonded warehouse

We bring raw materials at the warehouse where bonded goods are stored and process them for consignment, from which we can ship to domestic and overseas.


10. Germination business

We do sanitary processing to germinate seed.

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